Suspension Of Certification


In the event that Client is not complying with following, EUROBRITAIN may suspend Client’s registration.

  • Client did not accept on-going surveillance visit within the time agreed.
  • EUROBRITAIN determines that Clients does not have resources or organization to satisfy with requirements of standard applied, or the certified system does not exist.
  • Client lost its confidence as a result of claims raised by interested party and social conflict.
  • Client has not taken the required actions against the changes or registration system or requirements during the specified period.
  • Client failed to correct the nonconformities found at on-site audit within the time agreed.
  • Client failed to timely correct nonconformities, caused by misuse of certification mark, within one (1) month.
  • Client didn’t pay EUROBRITAIN for registration activities set in EUROBRITAIN published Auditor days and Fees structure.
  • EUROBRITAIN determines that Clients didn’t comply with organization’s obligation based on Certification Audit Contract.
  • Clients used and applied the certificate (certification) to out of its coverage.
  • It is proved that the information and/or material provided by Client during assessment are falsity.
  • Client didn’t comply with article 8 “Notification of Client’s Changes and Assessment for Confirming Changes” of this contract.
  • EUROBRITAIN determines that Client does not comply with the agreement(s) and/or contract(s) concluded with EUROBRITAIN.